Love or hate Sean Parker, the guy has been at the center of a few storms that have had Katrina-like effects on the industries they’ve touched.This is a clip of Shawn discussing the early days and impact of the first company he co-founded: Napster.

I remember the first time I used Napster. It was a transformational experience. I had never ripped a CD or created an MP3 myself. And yet here, in one interface, all of the complexity of converting analog to digital was removed. Just as powerfully, every song I could think to search for was available. It was amazing. It was powerful. And in this clip Sean confesses that it was far more destructive that even they could have possibly imagined.

At the time Napster launched the combined market caps of music labels were roughly $45B. Today that total hovers around $14B and continues to slide. The tools for producing, distributing and marketing artists which were once held tightly by only a select few are at the fingertips of even the newest of n00b.

The story of Napster can be taken as a cautionary tale for industries and companies resting on the laurels of their past successes. It can also be taken as a manifesto for up and coming entrepreneurs looking to rewrite the rules, many of which they scarcely understand, for industries they’re seeking to disrupt. Which is why this interview with Sean Parker is required weekend viewing on BRYCE DOT VC.

via Ben