In a rapid fire Q&A session at Web 2 Summit a few weeks back Ben Horowitz posited that Facebook was the best run company in Silicon Valley and, perhaps, all of technology.

If this presentation by Facebook’s Adam Mosseri is any indication, it’s easy to see what Ben is talking about.

The company has designed teams and processes informed by data (not totally driven by it), with latitude to act independently on product decisions and encouraged to and encouraged to reimagine and disrupt their own products.

Each team is built with the following contributors:

  • Product designer. Responsible for visual, interaction, and product design.
  • Researcher. Conducts qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Engineer(s). Typically one to four engineers per team.
  • Product manager. Responsible not just for project managing, but also ensuring products ship on time and product quality.

Hiten has a great post detailing some of the finer points of the presentation and providing a bit more context which is definitely worth a read. 

As Dennis is often fond of saying, you need to build the company to build the product. And Facebook is certainly one to watch as they continue to move quickly at scale as a result of building the company to be one of the best run in tech.

Which is why Adam Moserri’s presentation at UX Week is required (belated weekend) viewing on BRYCE DOT VC.