It wasn’t long ago that the billion dollar Instagram boys set out to debunk 8 startup myths to a room full of Stanford Mayfield fellows. At the time of this video, the service had about 4 million users. Earlier this week they announced having added that many users in just a matter of days. My how time flies.

But the advice and insights shared here are really timeless. From the “bar exam”; i.e., a test to see whether you’re able to explain your product to a friend in a bar without losing their attention, to the 6ft tall 1 yr. old; ie, scaling up a company before it’s ready or needed, there are some real gems in here. 

As they talk it seems their primary takeaways from the Instagram experience are to believe in yourself, trust your instincts and build the product that only you can build. And most importantly, just start.

Priceless advice and required weekend viewing.