One Year

When 2012 began, I had high hopes for the new year.

Early on I sketched out a set of goals and objectives I wanted to accomplish. Throughout the course of the year I was able to check off nearly all of those goals: close the new fund, check. replace my wife’s 10 y/o, 150,000 mi car with something new (to us), check. And many other too personal to list here. Check. Check. Check.

There were a few that didn’t get checked off too. 

As I sit here taking inventory of those thing we got done and those we didn’t I’m struck by just how much can change in a year. Despite a very thoughtfully laid out plan for 2012 there were so many things that happened throughout the year that I could have never factored in. New people entered my life in 2012 that changed my life tremendously. New living situations opened doors and brought happiness I didn’t even think to anticipate. 

Several of the year’s goals seemed utterly insurmountable in January. Those were all checked off. A few of the year’s goals I thought were near forgone conclusions. Most of those failed to conclude.

For me, 2012 highlights once again just how much can change in a year.

In one year you can go from being darlings of the media to being left for dead in the gutters on Wall St. Or, written off as a throwback photo service with no hopes for revenue  to a billion dollar darling. Or, have a strong market tailwind turn to a blustery headwind. Or, rise from relative obscurity to 1 billion Youtube views (actually, that only took 6 months). Or, from being a near daily writer to barely getting a post out a week (guilty!).

I’m certain 2013 holds just as many uncertain and unplan-able surprises. 

Whether you’re starting the new year at the highest of highs or lowest of lows, know that one year can change almost anything. Be open to, and grab those changes as they come.

Happy New Year y’all.