Why I’m Rejoining AngelList

I wrote a little post recently in which I laid out a few reasons for deleting my AngelList account. The response to that post in both the comment section as well as the wider web was enlightening on so many levels. After reading carefully crafted and thoughtful responses from people like Jason Calacanis, who said:

Whaaaaaaaaa……… Wha……………. Wahhhhh!!!!!

and Dave McClure, who so eloquently put it:

Angel List is like Dangerous Sex with Super Models for Virgin Nerds. This is probably why Bryce left the party. Or maybe it’s because he’s a Mormon with 5 kids, and doesn’t need to do any more screwing around… doh! 

Its as though both Jason and Dave were able to look deep into my soul to tease out painful pieces of my psyche that even I wasn’t fully prepared to address. My mind began racing. Am I just being a baby?  Do I need more danger in my life? In the midst of this mighty wrestle between current me and future me, rayburt456’s comment gave me the clarity I needed

Get over yourself.

So get over myself I shall.

But just rejoining AngelList didn’t feel like a big enough step worthy of the transformation afoot. So today, we’re launching a new investment program that will not only embrace, but extend the disruption. Here’s how it will work:

  • Each week we will scrape the top 20 referred deals on AngelList and post them to a new section on OATV.com
  • The following Monday we will open up voting to anyone and everyone. If you can click you can vote- I’m looking at you Dogster crowd.
  • Monday night we will tally the votes with a proprietary ”socialproofiness” algorithm that factors in the Klout score of each individual voter to determine the winner.
  • Tuesday we will invite the winning company into the new OATV money booth where they can pocket all the cash they can catch in 60 seconds. 

We’re still working through the algorithm that will intelligently route those annoying late night/weekend calls and those pestering emails from founders wanting advice or help to the voters who got them funded, but its getting closer. This would finally enable our vision of getting out of the way completely to start really enjoying the fat management fees we’ve all been working for anyway. Viva la revolution, amiright?

Given that its the first Friday in April, I wanted to open up our inaugural batch of companies for voting. Just visit oatv.com/revolution to get started.

And to those of you still swimming against the current of disruption flowing through our industry I say- jump on in, the waters fine!