I’ve spent over half of my time on this earth, studying my craft in front of audiences of 20 people, 35 people, 100 people. I learned the art of performance in venues where nobody knew or cared who I was. Where they would rather drink at the bar and socialize than hear what I had to say. I worked for their attention. I know to a lot of you, this last year seems like it happened overnight. And for how big it’s gotten, there have been times where I’ve felt the same. But I’ve fought for this. Ryan fought for this. Our team has fought for this. And we sacrificed everything for what has transpired.

Macklemore recounting the last 365 days since the release of The Heist. Easily one the best posts I’ve read all year.

Click through to read how they went from a 500 sq ft studio to playing in front of 200,000+ crowds. How they crafted creative deals that kept them independent from the labels while finding ways to leverage their reach. And how they’ve processed the mixed emotions that separate those who sell out and those who blow up.