The Best Way to Compete is Not to Compete at All

The rise of the iPad became that much more interesting this week as sales numbers from Apple’s quarterly earnings poured in.There’s been plenty of clear and concise analysis done over the last few days, so I will stay way from that.

But, I do want to highlight one theme we’ve touched on here before via a few excerpts from the others. 

From the NYT:

As one example of its success, Apple turned its tablet into a $6 billion business in the quarter. That is twice as big as Dell’s entire consumer PC business.

From Business Insider:

if the iPad were lined up against all other computers, it would be the fourth-biggest computer brand in the world — after HPDell, and Lenovo, and ahead of Acer

Run a Google search for PC and here’s what you get. 

See what I’m getting at?

Apple isn’t competing with PC manufacturers by making a better, faster, smaller PC, they’e competing by not making a PC at all. 

This is an industry disrupted. 

PS- it was Michael Dell who famously advised Steve Jobs in 1997 to shut Apple down and give the money back to it’s shareholders. Tonight Mr. Jobs will be dining on irony with a side of smug self satisfaction.